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It's a Republican-governed cesspool
(Red State Madness)

It was listed for sale on ebay.
Be sure to read the seller's comments!

Alabama is SO fucked up that

TWO of its U.S. Reps are members of

The Jackass Caucus!

Health of State Democracy

Alabama Ranks LAST!

Read the report!

Visitors Guide

Scott Ballock - Railroaded by West Virginia State Police
and a mentally ill wife?

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The heart of stupid


Where the Christian Taliban HATE Homosexuals Getting Married

The Civil War WAS All About Slavery

Read this article

Read the document written by South Carolina when it seceded
(and see how many times "slave" or "slavery" is mentioned)

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How to Spot a Racist:
They're waving one of these flags

How to Spot An American Hero:
(She's Bree Newsome, the one taking down the flag)

Related article about the history of this racist flag at Mother Jones

Killing Atticus Finch
A documentary about the Don Siegelman travesty
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Move your company to Alabama if you want to fuck your workers.

Or you can replace them with low-wage non-union
drug-addicted lazy semi-literate Alabama rednecks.


Home of the Supreme Court where justice goes to die.

Alabama Republican Corruption
State and national Republicans screwed Gov. Don Siegelman

Help fund the Don Siegelman documentary

Moving To Alabama

If you're planning to move to Alabama, LOL!
But if you really HAVE to move to Alabama, you may find these links helpful:

- Get a bible if you don't have one
- Learn to tawk southren
- Learn to make southern fried chicken
- Be ready for school funding cuts
- Alabama Republicans learn things the
    hard way

- Accept that Alabama Republicans hate
   anything "liberal" (including health care)

- Learn more about the right wing mind

- Regressive taxation: Alabama taxes
   grocery puchases. One of the worst tax
   systems in the nation.



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Alabama: Republicanomics At Work
The 1% get breaks.
Lower and middle class get screwed.

The state faces a shortfall of more than $250 million in 2015, despite a state constitutional amendment that requires a balanced budget. To comply with the law, state officials had been borrowing and shifting money in a way that has increased long-term liabilities, which could balloon to $700 million in coming years -- a fact that Gov. Robert Bentley (R) said he only happened to learn about the day after the 2014 elections.

Bentley campaigned on a "no new tax" platform and has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge pushed by the conservative Americans for Tax Reform, in which lawmakers promise to "oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes." Bentley also faces a Republican-majority legislature that declared 2014 the year of "taxpayer relief."

As he was sworn into office this week, Bentley appeared to change course, declaring that "everything is on the table" and that Alabama "is going to be raising revenue." But when Bentley has floated specific proposals -- such as removing state deductions for federal taxes or FICA paycheck payments -- he has been bitterly opposed by state lawmakers and hammered by Americans for Tax Reform for violating his no-tax pledge.


Alabama has a more basic problem: a regressive tax system that requires lower-income residents to pay a higher share of their income than wealthy families. A recent report by the Institution on Taxation and Economic Policy rates Alabama's state tax system as the 12th-most regressive in the country. Among the state's regressive features are a sales tax on groceries and narrow income tax brackets that force a majority to pay the top rate.

"Alabama's upside down tax system requires low and middle income households to pay twice the share of income in state and local taxes that the top 1 percent pay," according to the Alabama Arise Citizens' Policy Project, a statewide citizens group. "Tax breaks at the top starve public services of hundreds of millions of dollars a year and force low-income Alabamians to shoulder more of those services' costs."


[But don't fret, Alabama Republicans, you can still hope for the "trickle down" first promised 30 years ago by Reagan. LOL!]

EVERY day is Christmas
for Alabama: One of the
"Taker" red states!

Alabama: Socialist or Communist?

Red states suck up more federal taxpayer dollars than blue states.

Alabama gets back $3.28 in U.S. taxpayer dollars for every dollar it pays in federal taxes!

Alabama depends on federal taxpayer money for 37% of its revenue!

Alabama has one of the highest percentages of federal employees per capita!

U.S. taxpayers are subsidizing THAT is socialism!


The Right Wing Mind

Obstructionist Whining Asshole Award

Alabama's Own U.S. Rep. Jeff Sessions:
What a whining asshole

Backwards red states reward assholes
by re-electing them.
In Alabama, Sessions has been repeatedly re-elected.
That says much about Alabama.
Maybe it's attributable to inbreeding?

Jeff Sessions HATES the poor but loves corporations.
Cut food stamps but heap favors on corporations.
The average American family pays a staggering $6,000 a year
in subsidies to Republican-friendly big business.

Then there's always crap like this:

More from Nutso Sessions:
Confederate Flag Removal an Attempt to
Delegitimize "Fabulous Accomplishments"

WTF? 600,000-750,000 died in the fight against slavery
(more than WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam combined)
and Sessions calls it a "fabulous accomplishment"?

George Takai Gives Alabama The Finger

George Takei and his husband give Alabama the finger

And don't miss the twitter hashtag #LuvUAlabama!

"Privatization" is the mantra of the Republicans
Here's what it looks like in Columbiana, Alabama

Debtors' Prison:
Estimate: 1,000 people per month were going to debtors' prison in Alabama
(Let's hear it for "privatization" and Republican governance)

Lawyers Are Expensive
Legal Zoom might be an affordable option

Alabama has a lot of "moochers"
Republicans, like Jeff Sessions, HATE those
food stamp "moochers" and want to cut food stamps.
How ironic that so many food stamp recipients
are located in red states


The Game Is Rigged
Capitalism is a Failure

Israel Sucks

Replace that damned statue
with a fence

Founding Fathers And Religion

ALEC exposed
Corporate Supporters of the
right-wing business group
which is undermining Democracy

Dump State Farm Insurance
Support Planned Parenthood
Xenophobia In Alabama
History Is A Weapon
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Alabama Conservationist
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Legal Schnauzer
T-Town Truth Seeker
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Mixed Media (Bham Weekly)
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Alabama Consumer Law Blog
Andrew Sullivan
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CertaPro Painters Complaints
CertaPro Painters Franchise
CertaPro Painters Franchise Sucks
Boycott Koch Brothers
Koch FAQs
Property Preservation
Preservation Companies
Reputation Management

Faux News Viewers
Are The Most

(see pages 20-23)


Stay Classy, Birmingham
White crowd of Trump supporters attack black protester in Birmingham. Read more

Alabama's Mo Brooks: Pathetic
Republicans are bloated with hate, perhaps none more so than Alabama's U.S. Representative Mo Brooks. Brooks said about Hillary, if elected president: "...the day she's sworn in is the day that she's subject to impeachment because she has committed high crimes and misdemeanors." Hillary called it pathetic. But then, that's Republican Alabama: Pathetic.

Alabama Judge and Debtors' Prison
Circuit Court judge Marvin Wiggins sends people who owe money to debtors' prison. Backwards Alabama

Voting Rights: Alabama Looks Like Shit
After passing restrictive voter i.d. legislation, Alabama proceeds to shut down DMV offices in majority-black counties! What a bunch of racist wankers! Welcome back to Jim Crow

Red State Madness (Womb as Crime Scene)
Is Alabama law driving some women to get an abortion rather than go to jail? Anti-drug fervor and abortion politics have turned a meth-lab law into the country's harshest weapon against pregnant women.
Pro Publica

Another FIRST PLACE for Alabama!
Alabama leads the nation in disability claims
(Isn't that a form of socialism?)

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Dubious Alabama Accomplishments

Moving To Bham?

If you plan to move to the Birmingham area, you'd better be prepared to live amongst some of the most radical right-wing teabagger types in the country. The City of Birmingham, proper, contains some liberals, but the surrounding municipalities are a bastion of right-wing radicalism.

Alabama's governorship, House and Senate are all controlled by radical right-wingers who spend way to much time focused on abortion and thinking up new ways to screw immigrants.

If you are not a radical right-winger, don't even expect to feel at home here (in the areas outside of Birmingham city limits).

Spencer Bachus:

Spencer Bachus, the congressman representing Alabama's 6th District, is a real jerk, a tool for the rich and an enemy of the working class. But then, he keeps getting re-elected (he's a career politician), so his constituents must be real jerks, too.

Spencer Bachus: Disgrace to humanity who should never refer to himself as a Christian.

Jeff Sessions:

Alabama U.S. senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is pretty much in the same category as Spencer Bachus.

How Sessions uses government statistics to lie and deceive.


While (too many) Alabamans spend a lot of time bitching about goverment spending and "welfare queens", the state is a leech. Alabama is one of the many red states which suck more money out of the federal government than it contributes. Alabama gets back something like $2.03 for every dollar it sends to the federal government.

Alabama's U.S. senator Richard Shelby is the leech-in-chief, bringing home truckfuls of money from Washington D.C. Shelby may have more government-funded buildings in his home state named after him than any other money-grubbing politician currently living.

The people who scream loudest about "socialism" and "welfare queens" are themselves America's biggest leeches. Go figure.


Waggin' Treats Suspected Of Killing Dogs

Waggin Train could kill dogs

These made-in-China jerky tenders for dogs, sold at stores, including Walmart,
could kill your dog.

In fact, it's a good idea to not buy anything from China and to not shop at Walmart,
the pipeline from China.

Remind you of Richard Shelby?
Richard Shelby Pork Barrel Spending
ALEC: Politicians and Big Business secretly writing legislation
Considering moving to Alabama?


Alabama Politics: Be Outrageous!
The only thing missing from this Alabama political ad: a bible


The inspiration for "Sweet Home Alabama"
(This song is much more honest)

An important annoucement about your flag decal:




Where prejudice, ignornance and hate are cherished as "Southern Values"


Where the civil war was about slavery but nobody admits it


Where "Bless her heart" means "That stupid bitch"


If you're from the north, expect to hear endlessly that
the civil war was "the war of northern aggression",
how it was NOT about slavery, and
how the south really didn't lose.

(The civil war is still being waged in Alabama)


Where you don't really fit in unless you belong to
Sons or Daughters of the confederacy


Where Republicans' pickup trucks are held together with
duct tape, baling wire, and hateful bumper stickers


Where they hate government interference in peoples' lives,
except when it involves abortion, state-sponsored religion or guns.


It's all about a southern "up yours" attitude:

Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama are the only three states in the country that celebrate Robert E. Lee on the same day as the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday.
Alabama State holidays include:
Robert E. Lee/Martin Luther King Birthday,
Confederate Memorial Day
Jefferson Davis' Birthday

Look for a job someplace other than Alabama!

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